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A Series of Wedding films from the 1970s

Weddings are one of the most common subjects in the sets of vintage home movies I pick up and most home movie makers who used 8mm film had one or two wedding films in their portfolio.

The photographer who took the films I'm featuring in this post must have either had a very large family, or filmed weddings for their friends as well because they had a complete 400 ft reel of just wedding films. In order to keep the length of the post down, I'm going to include 6 films in this post and I'll add a second post later with more from the same photographer.

About the films

As I said above, all the films embedded below were taken by the same photographer and spliced together on a single reel which they had titled, 'Std 8 Weds'. The film used was Kodachrome standard 8, and I've estimated that the action took place in the 1970s based on the fashions and cars shown in the films.

The quality of the photography in some of the films is a bit 'patchy' with a lot of fast panning and poor exposure. Some of this is probably down to the equipment used1 but some would be the photographer's technique. In the past I have edited some of these sort of problems out, but I've come to think that it is a better historical record to keep the films as they were shot - warts-n-all.

Some screen shots from the films

This gallery shows some screen shots from some of the wedding films featured in this post, just to give a taste of the content although of course the content of most wedding films is very similar.

The Wedding Films

So these are the individual films which I've digitised and uploaded to youtube. As is typical of most 8mm films taken at weddings, the action is all outside - although it would have been perfectly possible to film after wedding at the reception (and I have film on vintage home movies taken at a wedding reception) I suspect the photographer who took these films didn't have the required lights or film stock to take successful low light footage.

The next film seems to be a continuation of the one above, although it was spliced into the full reel much later on.

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  1. Most simple 8mm cine cameras would not have any form of auto exposure control which could compensate for changes in light level []

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