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This page lists blog posts that have been specifically written about the Photos section of the Everything Vintage site.
2016-12-18 12:14:40
A couple of weeks ago I found an ad on eBay for an old 35mm slide box complete with about 100 colour slides and starting at only £0.99.
2016-12-27 15:57:51
I want to say a big welcome to anyone who has discovered the Found Film site - a home for lost pictures,  and say a few words about the reason it has been created.
2017-01-12 18:25:22
I thought I would write a brief post explaining how I get the slides and negatives onto the Found-Film site.
2017-07-24 19:24:44
This post is about a set of colour slides I bought which contained a slice of history in the form of some photos of RAF Seletar in Singapore.
2017-08-20 12:50:29
Some photos featuring a group of people demonstrating different forms of dancing
2017-07-30 13:15:26
Some photos taken at Ayres Rock in Australia in May 1992 are the feature of this post.
2017-07-29 15:00:48
This week's big find on the Found Film site is a box of colour slides taken in 1967 which show many views of Scotland.
2017-07-31 18:59:36
This is a short post which shows how I go about cleaning old 35 mm slides.
2017-08-01 19:03:32
In this, the first of a series of posts, I'm attempting to show the look of a film emulsion which is now unfortunately lost to the world - I'm going to show the look of Ilford slide film.
2017-08-03 18:31:24
Show some great views of Dunbar harbour taken on Colour Slide film in 1967.
2017-08-07 10:46:12
The Eilean Donan Castle is set in a beautiful part of Scotland and as well as being a very photogenic subject, has also been used as the location of many films throughout the last 60 years. I
2017-08-22 19:25:47
This week I bought a fantastic set of Kodachrome slides taken in Switzerland in the early 1960s which came in one of the worst condition boxes I've ever seen.
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