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About the Found Film section of this site

So - this is just another photo site, isn't it?

Well in a way yes, but it is a bit different from a lot of photo sharing sites because the pictures are not attributed to any particular photographer but are pictures which were taken by lots of unknown photographers, using unknown cameras and in unknown locations. 

These are pictures found on rolls of film in second hand cameras that I've bought, or in boxes of colour slides which I've picked up on auction sites and car boot sales.

beautiful sunset
Beautiful sunset - an example of an Everything Vintage photo

Although it is common these days, in the age of social media, to share a lot of pictures, years ago pictures were only shared amongst family and friends. It's interesting to think that over the last 100 years there must have been millions of pictures taken which have only ever been seen by a handful of people or by no one at all. Many have been destroyed, many are sitting in people's attics and cupboards forgotten about and many partially exposed rolls of film are still sitting in a lonely camera somewhere waiting to be discovered.

The aim of this site is to release those pictures and allow people to view them.

When it comes to the pictures on this site some are good, some are poor; some are snaps taken by people who only ever used a camera on holiday and some were taken by serious amateur photographers who would probably have loved their work to be seen.

So why bother doing this ? Well for a variety of reasons. For a start, every picture is an historic view which captures a snapshot in time. For some images, like the 35mm Kodachrome slides, the date is often imprinted on the mount so we can tell exactly when the picture was processed. Other pictures, especially ones with people in can be quite accurately guessed from the fashions, cars etc.

Another reason found pictures can intriguing is trying to work out the locations. Even on a very small sample which I published on my Photo blog, two people could tell the location.

And finally one other interesting reason for looking through old pictures is that you might recognise someone or somewhere and be able to add that to the photo. If that's the case, please use the comments' system to let me know and I'll update the picture.

About the Site Owner

This site is run by Simon Hawketts, an amateur photographer and photo enthusiast. I live in Stevenage Hertfordshire but the easiest way to contact me is via email at simon @ everythingvintage.uk.

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