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Blog posts for the Camera section of Everything Vintage

This page lists blog posts that have been specifically written for the Vintage Camera section of the Everything Vintage site.
Eumig P8 Novo Projector converted to a telecine machine
This post describes how I constructed an 8mm telecine machine from a Eumig P8 novo 8mm projector.
A picture of the Eumig P8 Shutter assembly used in the Telecine machine
A detailed post explaining the changes I needed to make to the Eumig P8 shutter during its conversion to a Telecine machine
Topcon UV lens mount adapter - lens fitted to Sony Nex 6
The post shows how I constructed a mount adapter for Topcon UV lenses for my Sony NEX 6 mirrorless camera.
Pictures of two Weston light meters
Another in my series about my vintage camera collection, but this time something a bit different. It's not a camera, but a Weston light meter.
A Picture of Gossen Light meters
The latest additions to my vintage camera collection are not cameras at all, but a couple of light meters. I have the Gossen Sixtomat which was a popular model in the 1950s, and a Gossen Sixtino
Ensign Selfix 16-20 - camera in portrait mode
Some observations I made when I took some pictures with a vintage folding camera.
Pentax Spotmatic SP showing shutter and film speed settings
Some guidance and details of the sort of tests I do to see if my cameras are working correctly.
takumar 135mmmm f/3.5 M42 front of lens
This post is going to cover how you go about checking a vintage camera's aperture
This post is in the series about testing vintage cameras and deals with testing a vintage camera's shutter
A picture of the uncoupled exposure meter of a camera
This is another article in my series about checking the health of vintage cameras in which I'm going to deal with testing an uncoupled exposure meter.
index of camera types
This post is a background information article which lists and describes the different camera types available
Kalimar Exposure meter - With leather case
Occasionally when I purchase a vintage camera for my collection there are other bits-n-pieces which accompany it and this post features one of those accessories - the Kalimar Exposure meter.


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