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This page lists blog posts that have been specifically written about the Vintage films section of the Everything Vintage site.
A typical scene from a Vintage Home Movie
All about Vintage Home Movies. Why it is here and how to get the best from it.
Standard 8 & Super 8 film
This is a background information article for Vintage Home Movies which covers differences between the various home movie film format standards.
Screen shot showing a film being post processed
A blog post explaining how to go about converting the 8mm films to digital so they can be used on the vintage home movies site.
This is a possible photo of the featured photographer Doreen Cables
The first in an occasional series which will feature the films of one photographer on Vintage Home Movies, in this case Doreen Cables.
A box of films to be scanned over the next 3 months
A post which marks 3 months since I first set up Vintage Home Movies and looks at the achievements so far and what I hope will happen in the next 3 months.
An image from one of the 100 films posted on Vintage Home Movies
A look back at the 100 films now posted on Vintage Home Movies
8mm telecine machine - Original editor
An idea I had to convert an old 8mm film editor into a telecine machine.
8mm Telecine - Initial slightly unfocussed image
This is the first part of a series which may take several months to complete, but which I hope will eventually describe the process I've used to build an 8mm telecine machine from an old Eumig dual format projector.
This post compares the quality of VHS-C video tape to that obtained with 8mm home movie film.
A picture of my 8 mm telecine machine
An update on the 8 mm telecine machine series that I started a couple of years ago.
8mm film scanner
The final version of my 8mm film scanner project is detailed, featuring hardware and software modifications on a robust Chinon Universal projector platform, utilizing Raspberry Pi technology for digital conversion.


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