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Donations to the Everything Vintage Site

It might be possible that you have discovered the everythingvintage site via google1 because you have a quantity of old colour slides, negatives or vintage cine film that you want to dispose of, and you don't like the idea of just throwing them away.

If that is the case, please consider donating your material to the Everything Vintage project. I'd be happy to pay postage to receive the slides, negatives or cine film, but please get in touch with me via email2 to let me know the quantity of material you are thinking of donating. I have limited storage, so I can't always take a very large boxes or items.

Also, I wanted to explain what happens to the material which is donated to be completely honest with anyone who donates.

Although I have limited storage space, I keep and store any slides or films which are donated and are published on the site. I also try to store any which are not published, but in some cases, for example when there are multiple views of the same subject, in order to maintain my storage space, I need to sell the surplus materials. As you can imagine, storing up to 100,000 slides is not a zero space action.

Any money made from the sale of slides is used to offset the cost of hosting the site, which at the moment is approx £25 per month.

If you have larger equipment such as vintage radios, tape recorders, projectors, cameras or lenses that you want to donate, again please contact me because I may be interested in purchasing equipment if it is really interesting.

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