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A Sunny Holiday in Cornwall in the 1960s

A Super 8 film taken by a family during a holiday in the county of Cornwall or possibly Devon in the spring or summer months of a year in the 1960s.

About this film

The film was part of a collection I purchased a couple of weeks ago from eBay. The collection consisted of 17 films in total and covered a range of different formats, including a couple of 16 mm amateur films which look very interesting, but at the moment I don't have a mechanism for digitizing them.

The film was treated slightly differently from the other films on Vintage Home Movies because I tried out a new workflow. Normally I've been using a simple video editor called Movavi to crop and clean up the digitized version of the film, and this has been good for general use, but I wanted to try to improve the quality of the final video.

For this film, I used the much more sophisticated Davinci Resolve editor. Using this editor I was able to apply a degree of noise reduction, sharpening and colour correction which is not possible using Movavi. I will leave it to others to say if this is better, but I certainly find the results more pleasing, although I have a lot to learn before I would say I'm accomplished with Resolve.

The Holiday in Cornwall film

The film is shown below but here is a gallery of selected images taken from the film as a taster of the content.

To be fair, I don't know of certain that this film was shot in Cornwall - it looks like it to me, but it may be Devon and the moor shown in the film may be Dartmoor. I'd be pretty sure that it is the West Country in England, however. I remember from the last time I visited Cornwall how blue the sea looked, and that is what makes me place the location in Cornwall.

As for the date, there is little evidence in the film to get an accurate timestamp, because the majority of the film consists of shots of the sea and land around the coast, therefore I've dated it purely on the fact that the majority of vintage home movies were shot in the 60s or 70s.

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