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A Coach trip to the Rhine in the 1970s

This Super 8 vintage home movie was taken during a coach trip to the Rhine river in Germany in the early 1970s.

About the film

A actually bought this film a long time ago when I first started collecting vintage home movies. So long ago1 that I can't actually remember how I got it other than it came from eBay. I couldn't say however if I bought the film by itself, as part of a collection or included with a projector.

Anyway, the film itself is about 100ft long and supplied on a Dixons 5 inch reel in a plastic two part cover. On the cover someone has written a small note which says, 'River Trip Rhine and Cologne, 1960s?'. I suspect that the question mark means that the original photographer didn't write the note, so I'm going to stick with my estimation that the film was taken in the 1970s rather than the 1960s. The note was helpful in identifying the location in the film however, and meant I had to do much less detective work.

Some images from the Rhine river film.

The images in the gallery below were captured during the post processing stage of the film's transfer to digital to give a flavour of the film contents.

The film of the trip on the Rhine and Cologne.

The contents of the film is shown below. It shows a coach party taking a trip to the river Rhine and boarding a boat for a tourist visit down the river. After the boat trip, the coach picks the party up again and takes them on to the city of Cologne where the photographer takes some footage around the city and the Cathedral.

There were a couple of things if the film which I noticed. First I found the weinkeller in an internet search and found that the building is still looking very much the same as it did in the film.

The other thing which struck me was the structure on the side of a hill which is shown if the opening sequence of the film. I couldn't work out if it was an architectural feature or a set of tiered gardens cut into the side of the hill. If anyone can enlighten me as to what this is please let me know in the comments form below.

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  1. Actually it was probably only about 3 years ago but my memory is getting worse every day []

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