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A happy family Wedding from 1973

This post on vintage home movies features a super 8 film from 1973 taken at a family wedding and is a rather well photographed and professional looking film of a happy family event.

The film is well documented both physically on the film box and in titles added to the film photographically. On the box the title, 'Thomas & Mary Wedding 1973' is written and also '27-10-1973' and 'Ektachrome 160' which gives the precise date and film type used.

Then, when the film starts there is a neat title sequence which shows the full location as 'All Saints Church, Fawley' and the full names of the couple and the date and time. Rarely has a film on Vintage Home Movies been timed down to an exact moment in history!

Although weddings are a completely personal event in most cases and of little interest to the majority of people who don't know the couple involved, with the passage of time they become more interesting from a social history point of view. It is interesting to see the different fashions of the day and the decoration in the locations etc.

As someone interested in the history of photography as I am, I find it interesting to see the photographic equipment that people were using on the day - in this case the official photographer seemed to be using a press camera to take the photos, although since he has his back to us most of the time and is shielding the camera, I may be mistaken there - it could be a TLR.

Family Wedding Still images

The following gallery shows some still images taken from the film which follows.

Family Wedding Film

The film itself is shown below. In many ways it is a typical family wedding which features all the parts you would expect, but it is well taken, with good lighting and exposure and has been nicely titled to form a fitting momento of the event. I wonder if copies were made for the other members of the family who attended?

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