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A Glorious Holiday in Switzerland in the early 1960s

Switzerland was a very popular holiday destination in the early 1960s for the people who could afford to take foreign holidays. I know that because there are lots of photos from the 1960s in the Found Film archive which were taken in that country.

This set is one which I know were all taken by the same photographer, and document a holiday in Switzerland which she took in the early part of that decade, probably about 1962. Not all the photos are perfect - some suffer from a bit of camera shake and there are a few with some fungal damage, but even so they still show the fantastic scenery and give an indication of a great holiday that the photographer and her family spent all those years ago.

Switzerland Kodachrome slides from a holiday in the 1960s

The photos are shown below.

They cover a variety of different, well known sights in Switzerland, from the old bridge at Lucerne and the Franz Joseph Glacier to the Station at Seelisburg for the Funicular railway.

Most of the titles for the images come from the original markings which the photographer wrote on the cardboard mounts when the slides were returned from processing and give precise locations, but a couple didn't have this information, so I've had to just give descriptive titles to them.

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